Becoming Wilderness Explorers! | Cool FREE Stuff To Do At Disney's Animal Kingdom!

06 Th04, 2021
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In today’s vlog we head to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to become Wilderness Explorers! This is a fun and free activity for families to do in the park! We had so much fun starting our Wilderness Explorers journey. We completed 5 of the badge activities and we became tadpoles! We can’t wait to complete all 29 badge activities and become senior Wilderness Explorers. We definitely recommend checking this out when you’re in the park and if you’re looking for something new to do! We hope you enjoyed joining us on this adventure, and stay tuned for the next part in this series! Thank you for watching and we'll see you tomorrow with a new vid!
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Hello, I am TheTimTracker. Welcome to our fun and exciting Theme Park driven life! Come with me as we adventure around Orlando, Florida and explore all of the amazing places that have made Orlando a top tourist destination, and a few that no one knows about! Make sure you say hello and hit the subscribe button, because we are always doing something new. Whether it's home science experiments, roller coaster POV ride alongs or Theme Park Events; you will be sure to have a blast hanging out with us! We always have fun filming new things for you guys and showing you things to do in Orlando, Florida!
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  • For the sand sculpture, the whole pile is sprayed with a mix of water and glue so the sand keeps its shape, and can be carved without collapsing.

    silverfairy614silverfairy6147 ngày trước
  • We started doing the badges as well, last week with Earth day celebrations to get the special Earth day sticker. Agreed, a great, free, fun way to check out different stuff in the park. Myself and my son, who is just shy of 18, look forward to getting the rest of the badges on future visits. Benefit of being a local.

    Candace JacksonCandace Jackson8 ngày trước
  • Magic Mobile will only work on Apple Watch Series 3 or higher. You are right at the cutoff Tim.

    Chris GonzalesChris Gonzales22 ngày trước
  • you guys are so much better then fgteev i used to rely on them for travel stuff

    THE melon godTHE melon god25 ngày trước
  • I learned so much today. Thank you! 😊

    Melissa LeeMelissa Lee26 ngày trước
  • Thanks for the info. The next time I'm in the park we will go exploring.

    Erika GholstonErika Gholston26 ngày trước
  • I couldn’t get my magic mobile pass to work on my Apple Watch either. Weird! I’ll keep trying.

    Kimberly RobinsonKimberly Robinson26 ngày trước
  • Loved Jackson & Tim walking infront - so cute! ❤️

    Kate EvansKate Evans27 ngày trước
  • We made our own Wilderness Explorer club for my Family day care kids , with badges and a book inspired by our time at Animal Kingdom . Adventure is out there!!

    jade wattjade watt27 ngày trước
  • I’m having so much fun tagging along on your different videos. Thanks!

    jmanonjmanon27 ngày trước
  • Random question, Tim. When you worked at Epcot, did you know my mom KimmieSue?

    Sophia OldhamSophia Oldham27 ngày trước
  • Love all your videos! Thank you

    Jessica MJessica M27 ngày trước
  • That Southwestern scorpion relative! I never knew such a thing even existed!! Cool!

    David JonesDavid Jones27 ngày trước
  • Oh my gosh. I was dying when Tim pointed out the 🦩💩 😂😂

    No B.S. EateriesNo B.S. Eateries27 ngày trước
  • I love watching you guys always look forward to it

    Alessandra Preziuso HammrichAlessandra Preziuso Hammrich28 ngày trước
  • We did it all in one day with our completion driven 6 & 8 year old boys.

    Dorothy QuintinDorothy Quintin28 ngày trước
  • Wilderness Explorer was my son's absolute favorite thing to do at Animal Kingdom.

    Karen LopezKaren Lopez28 ngày trước
  • Question: When you go to the Disney parks, do you need magic bands now? I'm planning on going in August and I wanna know if I need to buy magic bands from Disney stores online or no?

    Nastase!Nastase!28 ngày trước
  • I am 17 and my 19 year old brother and his girlfriend all did this. It was great to see the troop leaders faces when they saw half adults running at them full speed to get a sticker badge 😅

    Miss PotatoGirlMiss PotatoGirl28 ngày trước
  • Hi, this was great. I love Animal Kingdom, so fun and Informative to help animals. This was so much great fun too. Jackson walking more, so cute too. Thanks, really enjoyed. Take Care ♥️♥️♥️

    AJ & Service D.AJ & Service D.28 ngày trước
  • Are you going to Disney on Friday the 9th, Of April. If you are, also are you going to Hollywood studios or Epcot

    Kelly JenkinsKelly Jenkins28 ngày trước
  • just checking in....haven't seen any new vlogs for a couple of days.....hope all is well

    Marie RileyMarie Riley28 ngày trước
  • Small moments like these are great for all sorts of reasons. Maybe a small child can’t go on a big coaster, but the older siblings want to go. Dad takes the older kids and Mom/Grandparents do the Explorer Challenge. People really do have so many options to enjoy something for everyone!

    Wendy SherbertWendy Sherbert28 ngày trước
  • The Wilderness Explorer was one of my favourite things at Disney World. I went as an adult and I enjoyed Animal Kingdom but I was bummed that there weren't that many rides. I went on my own so I found it a bit boring compared to some of the other parks and felt like it would've been better if I was with someone. But when I found out about the Wilderness Explorers, it made my day so much better. I was looking around at more stuff in the park and I enjoyed doing the activities. This, the Jack Sparrow thing in Magic Kingdom and the Ratatouille find Remy thing in Epcot were some of my favourite things that I wasn't expecting to do there

    Joe VictorJoe Victor28 ngày trước
  • Thanks for telling us about getting the passes added to watches and phones. I have an Apple Watch 3 and got it on the wallet no problem

    Beth OBeth O28 ngày trước
  • Our grandsons, cannot wait till they can visit us again, so they can go do this! 😃

    Rebekah PetrocelliRebekah Petrocelli28 ngày trước
  • Just a note on the MagicPass on the watch: I had the same problem where it would not load and I kept getting an error message. I had to go in and manually update my watch before it worked for me. I don’t have a series 2 though so it may not be that at all...

    KaZeiKaZei28 ngày trước
  • I love your stuff!

    George MelvinGeorge Melvin28 ngày trước
  • It was sooooo nice meeting you all at Animal Kingdom. Emy could not stop talking about it all day!!! Thank you for making her day!!!

    Heather TrujilloHeather Trujillo28 ngày trước
  • Missing The Tracker Family, I feel like I have missed an entire day. That's the pandemic baby! What day even is it?

    Marla ReidMarla Reid28 ngày trước
  • I remembered the Wilderness Explorers Chant too and did it with you guys!!! Haha I Iove that they have this!!! That seems like so much fun learning about so much!!! And Jackson is so cute with his overalls and Mickey hat!!! But I can't wait for you guys to do the journey again it seemed nice!!!

    Madison MingsMadison Mings28 ngày trước
  • I love the Tracker's videos. If you're feeling blue, they cheer you up with jokes, giggles and of course, Jackson makes you smile. BUT .. you also learn things ~ like in today's video. We learned that clown fish "has a protective mucus layer on their bodies ... mucus is basically snot, so it's kinda gross, but it's also really helpful." LOLOLOL Love ya, Jen. :)

    K. LoweK. Lowe29 ngày trước
  • Yes I would love to see you guys go to Bok Tower it’s beautiful it’s relaxing and have lunch in a little blue Palmetto café. I wonder if you’ll find my secret spot back in the woods. It’s definitely worth a trip

    Joni NeibertJoni Neibert29 ngày trước
  • They do change the Explorer Badges so while it can be spread over multiple visits, I recommend trying to complete it in one vacation or inside of 2-3 months. My last Senior Explorer ceremony was January 2019, took 2 days with literally speedwalking through the park. Excited that the next time I visit, most of the (activities for the) badges are brand new.

    velocity1012velocity101229 ngày trước
  • Tim my Apple Watch series 2 won’t load the pass either !

    Jill LongJill Long29 ngày trước
  • Seems like it would be fun to go and do the side tasks like Wilderness Explorers but I wouldn't call it free unless one has an annual pass and has theoretically already paid. It's not free if your family of 4 has just paid $500+ to get in for one day..

    Paul RobertsPaul Roberts29 ngày trước
  • Bok Tower is a great place to visit, there is also a house called Pinewood which is fascinating.

    Elaine RoomElaine Room29 ngày trước
  • Would you guys be able to start uploading videos in 4k? your production quality is already awesome and I think it would improve that much more for those of us watching on the huge screens in the living room! haha

    ups767300ups76730029 ngày trước
    • I'm pretty sure their cameras can shoot 4k, but that would make the footage 2x the size that it already is and increase editing and upload times.

      AnthonyAnthony28 ngày trước
    • That would depend on the camera. The camera would have to capture in 4K. Higher resolutions also puts a strain on the editing software and computer and can slow down processing.

      writerpatrickwriterpatrick28 ngày trước
  • looks like so much fun.

    cat ladycat lady29 ngày trước
  • The wilderness is meant to be explored. Caw caw. Roar.

    Emily LewisEmily Lewis29 ngày trước
  • My country has been declared covid free today! 2 weeks with no cases. Zero hospital cases. 85% of the population vaccinated. One step closer to heading back to wdw!!!

    Mermaid MonroeMermaid Monroe29 ngày trước
  • Love edutainment

    Kim MayoKim Mayo29 ngày trước
  • I remember being able to go in the tower (public can’t but senior classes get to and some special groups) will be cry forget the experience & was back at bok tower gardens 5 years ago

    Amy SteffanAmy Steffan29 ngày trước
  • Yes !!! There’s something I’ve done that Tim hasn’t !!! for all the times I visited Disney I can proudly say I completed the entire book with my badge stickers I literally went there once in the summer just to finish the 2 final badges

    Awful madden plays.Awful madden plays.29 ngày trước
  • Thank you so much for posting this! My daughter and myself both have badge books from our last trip, and we are going back in May! We need to remember to bring these!

    SlapFightRefSlapFightRef29 ngày trước
  • I love venus fly traps. The north carolina zoo (my zoo) has some growing near the alligator exhibit. There's a sign and everything, so they're supposed to be there.

    Jordan LJordan L29 ngày trước
  • A Monday after Easter? = Easter Monday

    Samuel SooSamuel Soo29 ngày trước
  • Jenn, you and your hair rock!

    Sandi AmmonsSandi Ammons29 ngày trước
  • How fun! I absolutely love all the education!

    Sarah GrecoSarah Greco29 ngày trước
  • Tim is that metal clip you’re wearing over your mask an accessory we can buy or is it attached ? I’ve been looking for something exactly like that to secure my masks.

    Blair VanessaBlair Vanessa29 ngày trước
  • ᴺᵍˡ ᵇᵘᵗ ᵒⁿˡʸ ᵖᵒᵍᵍᵉʳˢ ʷᶦˡˡ ˢᵘᵇ ᵗᵒ ᵐʸ ᶜʰᵃⁿⁿᵉˡ:\ Can We Hit 1k Before 2021 Summer?? Come On Guys!!:)

    CommenterXCommenterX29 ngày trước
  • As a former Wilderness Explorer Cast Member, im so thankful for this video!

    Allison ReesAllison Rees29 ngày trước
  • My husband did this because he thought after collecting all the stickers he can get the bag but no lol

    Cindy VargasCindy Vargas29 ngày trước
  • Went to the Bronx Zoo Auguest before everything shut down and they actually took this same concept and used it for there own. We asked and they specificly said there book was based on what Disney was doing.

    Louis PlaatLouis Plaat29 ngày trước
  • We did them all in one day. And by “we” I mean my nephews and I were almost complete and the oldest chose to finish getting all our stickers while the youngest and I watched Finding Nemo 😂

    Jennifer GardnerJennifer Gardner29 ngày trước
  • Disney MagicMobile service requires iOS 14.4 or later and watchOS 7.3 or later

    tina rizzolotina rizzolo29 ngày trước
  • Adventure is out there!

    vcarter0723vcarter072329 ngày trước
  • People say it's mucus, but it's snot...

    Stan HiltonStan Hilton29 ngày trước
  • This is really cool. Was never really sure what this was.... seems like a fun and educational activity! Thanks for showing us!!

    mystikhrs476mystikhrs47629 ngày trước
  • I had no idea how intensive it was to be a wilderness explorer!

    Magic In MichiganMagic In Michigan29 ngày trước
  • There’s a whole reality show about sand sculptures. It’s pretty cool! You guys should check it out

    JoSalvadorJoSalvador29 ngày trước
  • As an Entomologist, it hurt me when the cast member called a vinegaroon an insect. While they are in the same phylum as insects (Arthropoda), they are in a separate class (Arachnida) so they are veeeeeeeeery distant relatives and actually more closely related to spiders and crabs. Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk. lol

    heartc00ksbrainheartc00ksbrain29 ngày trước
  • 13:41, this made me laugh 😂

    PurpleGermanShepherd13PurpleGermanShepherd1329 ngày trước
  • The raw and tiger hand at the end 😂 made me feel like I was a 16 year old scene kid again 😂 xx

    Jade LewisJade LewisTháng trước
  • Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the insect badge taught about an arachnid? Just me? Ok. 😂

    Carrie CarterCarrie CarterTháng trước
  • Often extinct animals and plants that still have living specimen means either extinct in the wild or genetically extinct. Genetic extinction means there aren’t enough specimen to continue the species or continue the species in a viable way (often when the genes aren’t diverse enough they are at risk of being wiped out by a single disease and at a certain bottleneck their extinction in the face of a disease is statistically inevitable 🙁) This comment was a bummer but the upside is that it’s gene cataloguing and genetic technology means that we could potentially synthesis genetic diversity and save those species in the future

    Champagne and Gummy BearsChampagne and Gummy BearsTháng trước
  • We completed the Wilderness explorer challenge over two trips four years apart.

    Melissa SamsMelissa SamsTháng trước
  • I've never been to Florida and I would think this good if your new to the park. It will help to find your way around the park and learn new facts

    Bryony LakingBryony LakingTháng trước
  • I loved this vid. Hi Jackson ❤️

    mary deanmary deanTháng trước
  • jenn has such a soothing teaching voice like a kindergarten teacher i could listen to her teaching about wilderness all day!!

    pollypollyTháng trước
  • In Disney right now and literally looking for y’all everywhere I go😭 You were in AK the day after me! My fiancé and I are making basically all of our food decisions off of what you recommend and it did not disappoint. I’d probably go total fan girl if I saw you guys in the parks or Disney springs!!!

    Alyssa OktelaAlyssa OktelaTháng trước
  • As a homeschool mom, I loved the info you shared!! Thank you! ❤️👍🏻💫

    Tricia GTricia GTháng trước
  • This was a lot of fun. I remember taking kids during school years ago as a vacation and the teachers simply asked them for an educational report or something to help excuse the days. My memory is foggy but the point being, this would be a great addition for them to do if they went now! Educational and entertaining...well said! Thanks for sharing.

    Michelle HMichelle HTháng trước
    • It was the same for me in elementary school.

      Emily LewisEmily Lewis29 ngày trước
  • The 3 dots are called the French fry

    Melissa HooverMelissa HooverTháng trước
  • I got the magic mobile pass working on my watch & phone. My sister has it added on her phone BUT her case has a pop socket built in and it did not work using her phone because of her case. So just a heads up!

    ErikaErikaTháng trước
  • My Apple Watch wanted me to create a passcode before I could add my MagicMobile AP to my watch.

    DavidDavidTháng trước
  • I did completed all the badges and became a Senior Wilderness Explorer all in one day! It was a lot if fun.

    Julie McGuiganJulie McGuiganTháng trước
  • Tim tracker, what is that circular disk in your back pocket?

    Eric RabinEric RabinTháng trước
  • I love Jacksons hat ❤️

    Katie PatonKatie PatonTháng trước
  • Another TheTimTracker series idea...doing the things suggested on the signs! It would be cool to see things like a wetland clean-up/project in Florida!

    Kari SKari STháng trước
  • That looks like so much fun!

    Nona MulderNona MulderTháng trước
  • There is a Scottish Festival in Longwood this Saturday from 11-6 at Reiter Park. Would love to see yall there.

    Eric WilsonEric WilsonTháng trước
  • I remember doing the wilderness explorers activity when I was little before it was themed to Up!

    Mazie HalvorsonMazie HalvorsonTháng trước
  • "That one just pooped." Love the commentary! 😆

    Shannon FortinShannon FortinTháng trước
  • They mist the sand sculptures with a glue like material to help hold the shape.

    Big CBig CTháng trước
  • This is great information! Thanks guys!

    Michael GrahamMichael GrahamTháng trước
  • I love that sand sculpture! It was of a narwhal, humpback whale, and sperm whale.

    Saltwater MountainSaltwater MountainTháng trước
  • I mean I don't know that I'd call the wilderness explorer thing "free" since you pay an arm and a leg to get into Animal Kingdom anyway and it's just a brochure booklet. To me, thats kind of like saying going on the rides in Animal Kingdom is a cool free thing to do too LOL. If you got a little prize at the end after becoming a Fish, Minnow, or Tadpole and collecting a certain number of badges then yea I'd say it's a cool free thing to do but I don't think they give you prizes for that. Still seems like a cute idea for little kids though. Especially if you have to keep them entertained between rides!

    CanelaCanelaTháng trước
    • I know, I feel click baited lol (ofc they didn't mean it like that i know) but I thought they were going to reveal to us multiple cool things or hacks that were free at AK that ur average poor tourist like me wouldn't know xD instead they just showed the wilderness explorer thing only

      Veee NaVeee NaTháng trước
    • totally agree barely anything at Disney is truly "free" sadly.

      A SA STháng trước
  • Can confirm...I am a food source

    Todd BennettTodd BennettTháng trước
  • Man, I wish I live in Orlando. I'd be at Disney World and Universals every weekend.

    Andrew SrivanlopAndrew SrivanlopTháng trước
    • Same

      Andréa ParadisAndréa Paradis27 ngày trước
  • My fiancé and I are getting married on Sunday... if there is anyway to do a shout out for us in one of your videos we would extremely excited!!! Trying to surprise my fiancé!!!! Thanks and we love the channel we watch it religiously

    Staci WildinStaci WildinTháng trước
    • Our names are Staci and Brian!!!

      Staci WildinStaci WildinTháng trước
  • They uses glue to make the sand sticks and prevent it from collapsing. It just white clue mix with water . Those non toxic glue .Before that they just mix with water to build the sand structure.

    Jassy BowMonsterJassy BowMonsterTháng trước
  • hi tim, jen and jackson i love this activity i love nature

    Loretta CoronaLoretta CoronaTháng trước
  • Middle sculpture is a humpback whale and the left one is a sperm whale.

    Nellas310059Nellas310059Tháng trước
  • I am going in a week with my mom and sister and my sister has the same watch and she wasn’t able to add her pass to her watch either. My mom and myself both have the SE and series 4 respectively we both had no issues. Although I couldn’t add mine until my watch had the latest update installed. Hope this helps 👍🏼

    Candace RCandace RTháng trước
  • How fun!! Thanks again for taking us along!

    80Pally80PallyTháng trước
  • Our daughter is a few weeks older than your little one. We are hopefully taking her for the first time hopefully this spring. This seems like a great idea to do. Love the idea of collecting badges on each trip!

    Disney Mom LifeDisney Mom LifeTháng trước
  • My husband and I did this on our last trip and got all the stamps (completed the whole book) then we got a picture with Russell showing him we were Senior Explorers :-) so much fun!

    Run 50 States My WayRun 50 States My WayTháng trước
  • Thank you for the wonderful vlogs each and every time. I have tried to reach out to you on email but I don’t think my messages are coming through. I live in the UK, we normally stay at Old Key West and can’t wait to again but like many others all over the globe we as a family are currently looking at alternative off property resorts for our 2022 holiday, Disney currently have little to no perks eg no Magical Express no fast-pass no dining plan etc etc, ☹️your vlogs consistently have great content but as you said it is still Spring break and there isn’t much happening in the parks, I also appreciate that you are not a travel channel however , would you consider the possibility of checking out some of the gated resorts that are close to the parks, eg Emerald Island, Reunion resort etc to show us how they are being managed during the pandemic, not a staycation as I appreciate this would be costly but showing the communal pool areas tiki bars would be great to see. Thank you so much and stay safe. 😊

    Cordelia RoyleCordelia RoyleTháng trước
  • That was fun

    Eddie2 BetancourtEddie2 BetancourtTháng trước